Wall Decor

Our wall decor:

Wall decor can be a hard decision, but Lucid Blooms’ abstract art makes it easy! We create original abstract art pieces we call Blooms. This is art like you’ve never seen before!

Each of our Blooms is a one of a kind, never to made again! Our abstract art is timeless, and will stand the test of changing interior design trends. From chic art to fun and whimsical, from modern office to nursery, we’ve got the artwork to compliment your dream interior design.

Choose from our original Bloom Gallery or contact us for a consultation to place a custom art order!

Custom art:

Want a piece made specifically for your space? We can create it for you! Choose any color scheme and combination of media, and we’ll bring your idea to life!

How we make our wall decor:

We create the Blooms on canvas or MDF. Our techniques include varying combinations of media including: resin, paints, inks, dyes, glitter, metallic foil, and more.

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