About Us

abstract artist family

What We Do:

We're an abstract artist couple creating Lucid Blooms' pieces. We create mixed media original art and custom art

You know what it's like to walk into a space, and it just feels good. Your brain likes what your eyes see. You resonate with the vibe of the environment. At Lucid Blooms, we believe a space should sprout up and beckon people to enter. A feel good experience includes a feel good space. Therefore, we create small to large abstract art to help make your space bloom out to greet you. We call each piece a Lucid Bloom because that's what they feel like when they reveal themselves as inspiration.

Who we are: 

Lucid Blooms is the manifestation of silver linings to a difficult path placed before a family. Adam and Lyndsey, who met in sixth grade, are a fun-loving, married abstract artist duo. Lyndsey was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor that forced her to quit her nursing job and keeps her in constant pain and unable to stand in an upright position most of the day. As a result, creating art became a welcome distraction from the symptoms, as well as an avenue for spending quality time together.

"After dabbling in art throughout life, we rediscovered it in a new way. Not only is it therapeutic, but it's something fun we can do at home together. We really felt called to do this. Can't ignore that kind of stuff!"

Adam preps the substrates, purchases supplies, and creates the Blooms as well. Any art Lyndsey contributes is made on a massage type table that allows her to remain in a horizontal position. Or she uses her short amounts of time upright to contribute to the creation of the Blooms.

"Each Bloom carries a piece of us. We pray over each piece that it brings joy, love, beauty, and inspiration to the people who see it and the space in which it hangs."

Our pleasure Guarantee:

"But what if I decide I don't love it?", you ask. If your Bloom isn't taking root in your heart, or blooming just the way you want, send her back within 30 days for your money back (minus S&H). Must contact us prior to return to review proper shipping procedure. Upon her return in her original condition, we'll get your money right back to you.

Create an inviting space with our original art!